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According to public records researchers, no more than 20% of public criminal records are available online. This is perhaps due to the fact that not all states have online databases containing public criminal records. In fact, only 22 states have registries for public criminal records and not all are as comprehensive as you would like them to be. The only truly comprehensive public criminal records database is the FBI database and that is not considered public record. Only those from criminal justice agencies have the legal right to access those documents.

So how does one go about finding public criminal records? Well, if you’re a business and you absolutely must get access to the public criminal records of individuals that you are considering hiring, then the best solution for you would be to contact a private detective agency. You see, even if online access of data is not comprehensive, a manual retrieval of public criminal records is quite possible and not only that, it is in fact an integral part of public records research.

How Important is Public Criminal Records Research?

Every business, large or small, is vulnerable threats brought by incidents of liability, litigation, legislation, and aggressive competition. Information and forehand knowledge of what’s going on is important. And for most people, it serves as the first line of defense against incidents that could cause the business to lose revenues. Sometimes, as is often the case, mere data is not enough. What businesses need are highly-refined information and analysis that facilitates decision-making.

Public criminal records come in especially handy during the hiring process of a prospective employee. It does not bode well for a company to hire someone who’s been previously convicted of a criminal offense, especially if such an offense involves an environment which is relative to the position being offered.

The four Types of Public Criminal Records

During the past few years, a new type of pre-employment background check became available. It is called the National Criminal File or NCF. There are actually three NCF databases which spans the whole public criminal records registries of 38 to 50 states. As of today, NCF contains over 60 million to 133 million public criminal records in its three databases.

The National Criminal File contains four different kinds of records which can all be considered as “public criminal records.” First on the list are arrest records. These are public criminal records of law enforcement records of arrest. They second type is criminal court records which are public criminal records registered locally, by state or federal. Third are corrections reports. These are public criminal records involving imprisonment for a certain period of time. And the fourth and last type is the state criminal repository records. These are statewide records made up of arrest records, criminal court records, and correction records.

Are you sick and tired of going through all the hassles, expense, and the delays involved in retrieving or accessing free criminal public records? Are you an employer who wants to check up on the background or access the free criminal public records of a prospective hire?

Access to Free Criminal Public Records: Changing Times

During the past five years, the evolution of technology has created changes in the way things work. For instance, access to free criminal public records before was entirely done manually. It involved physically sending out someone to go out there and sift through tons of paperwork in order to find the right document. With today’s digital revolution, however, a large percentage of pieces of information such as free criminal public records are available and accessible online. In fact, wholly aware of the importance of access to free criminal public records, many government agencies have made previously hard-to-obtain documents freely accessible on the Internet. Of course, some of these documents do not come for free but they are usually available for a very low price.

Many online vendors also sell criminal public records through the Internet via web portals. But because of some restrictions sanctioned by the law involving the release of these types of information, not all public records make it entirely to the public. Majority of these criminal public records vendors have agreed to sell information only to authorized individuals or those persons who are authorized by virtue of their type of jobs, e.g. people who work for research firms, law firms, criminal justice agencies, law authorities, et cetera.

Access to Free Criminal Public Records: Pre-Employment Background Checks

One of the top reasons that access to free criminal public records is important is pre-employment background checks. And for most research firms, this is the major thing that their clients require from them. Employers have become sensitized to the need for this information, largely due to negligent hiring lawsuits.

You as an employer have a responsibility to keep the working environment of your employees safe. If an employee who’s hired has a propensity for a particular type of criminal behavior, and the employer fails to ascertain by doing a background check in the pre-employment screening process, then when the person commits a crime in the context of their job, the employer can be liable.

There were too many instances in the past that could have been prevented from happening if only the employer accessed the public criminal records of the prospective hire. There’s a whole lot more pre-employment background checking being done today than five years ago.

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